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Identification of Interactions between Sindbis Virus Capsid Protein and Cytoplasmic vRNA as Novel Virulence Determinants

Fig 4

Assessment of SINV C:R interaction site mutant RNA synthesis and gene expression.

A) Quantitative analysis of the three viral RNA species generated during SINV infection of HEK293 cells at 12-hours post infection at an MOI of 10 infectious units per cell. The copy numbers of the Genomic, Subgenomic, and Minus strand RNAs were quantified using qRT-PCR. Data in this panel represents the mean of three independent biological replicates, the error bar representing the standard deviation of the mean. B) Metabolic labeling of infected HEK293 cells at the indicated times. Infected cells were metabolically labeled for a period of two hours immediately preceding the time indicated in the figure. The migratory positions of nsP2, Capsid, and the viral glycoproteins; and host Actin, are indicated to the right of the panel. Data shown is representative of several independent biological replicates and technical replicates.

Fig 4