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The host ubiquitin-dependent segregase VCP/p97 is required for the onset of human cytomegalovirus replication

Fig 6

Knockdown of VCP alters splicing of MIE transcripts.

RNA-seq analysis was performed to measure relative splicing levels of the MIE region following VCP knockdown. (A) The proportion of total reads mapping to each of the five exons was calculated, with the absolute difference in these values between VCP knockdown and corresponding negative control shown (numbers within exons). Knockdown of VCP has no effect on the proportion of reads originating from exons 1, 2 or 3, but is associated with a greater proportion of reads derived from exon 4 (IE1) and decreased numbers from exon 5 (IE2). (B) Log2 ratios of the proportions of reads mapping to exon 3 whose matching pair maps to either exons 2, 4 or 5 are shown. The proportion of read pairs spanning the shared splice junction between exon two and three is unaffected by VCP knockdown, whereas exon 3 to 4 frequency increases and 3 to 5 decreases.

Fig 6