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The host ubiquitin-dependent segregase VCP/p97 is required for the onset of human cytomegalovirus replication

Fig 4

Knockdown of VCP results in substantial reduction in IE2 transcript.

(A) Following transfection with VCP siRNA or negative control siRNA, cells were treated with proteasome or protease inhibitors, then infected with HCMV. Viral protein levels were measured by western blot analysis. Inhibition of protein degradation did not rescue IE2 expression in VCP knockdown cells. (B) Fibroblast cells were transfected with VCP or negative control siRNA and infected with HCMV. Total RNA was harvested at the indicated time points and IE1 and IE2 transcript levels determined by Northern blot analysis. 28S rRNA stained with ethidium bromide is shown as loading control.

Fig 4