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The host ubiquitin-dependent segregase VCP/p97 is required for the onset of human cytomegalovirus replication

Fig 2

Knockdown of the cellular gene VCP results in a complete block in HCMV replication.

Human primary fibroblast cells were transfected with 160 siRNA pools against membrane organization genes then infected with a GFP expressing HCMV virus. (A) Relative GFP fluorescence levels compared to cells transfected with a negative control siRNA for all 160 siRNA pools. Assays were performed in duplicate with three biological repeats with standard deviations shown. (B) GFP levels ranked by Z-score. (C) VCP deconvoluted siRNAs were tested for VCP knockdown by western blot and virus replication by relative GFP fluorescence to negative control siRNA transfected cells. GFP levels were measured 144 HPI and assays performed in duplicate. (D) HCMV replication was measured by plaque analysis following transfection with VCP siRNA or negative control siRNA. Cells were infected at an MOI of three and performed in duplicate with two biological repeats.

Fig 2