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Structural basis of nectin-1 recognition by pseudorabies virus glycoprotein D

Fig 6

Mutation of the key interface residues in nectin-1 undermines the interaction with PRV gD.

(A) SPR tests of the binding between nectin-1 mutants and PRV gD337. The kinetic profiles are recorded and shown. (B) Decreased cell fusion with the mutated nectin-1 receptors. CHO-K1 cells expressing PRV gD/gB/gH/gL and T7 luciferase were mixed and incubated with those expressing T7 polymerase in combination with wild type or mutant HU-nectin-1. The histogram shows the efficiencies of cell fusion with the indicated nectin-1 mutants in comparison to that with the wild type receptor. The results are expressed as means ± SD from three independent experiments.

Fig 6