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Interferon-inducible ribonuclease ISG20 inhibits hepatitis B virus replication through directly binding to the epsilon stem-loop structure of viral RNA

Fig 13

ISG20 requires cofactor(s) to efficiently degrade ε RNA.

0.1 µg of 5’-radiolabeled synthetic RNA substrates, specifically (A) the intact ε, upper stem-loop region (US+L), and lower stem with bulge serving as loop (LS+B); and (B) the intact ε, single-stranded left arm portion of ε, and 30-mer poly(rA), were incubated with the indicated amount of RNase A or purified His-ISG20 in nuclease reaction buffer for 15 min, then the reactions were terminated and the mixtures were fractionated through 10% TBE-Urea denaturing polyacrylamide gel, and the dried gel was subjected to autoradiography.

Fig 13