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Inactivation of Prions and Amyloid Seeds with Hypochlorous Acid

Fig 6

Effect of BrioHOCl free Cl concentration on scrapie seeding activity.

Hamster ScBH was pretreated for 5 min in saline (mock disinfectant) (red) or BrioHOCl formulations (blue) containing the designated ppm of free Cl at a ratio (v/v) of 100:1 disinfectant to 10% ScBH. Resulting samples were then subjected to serial 10-fold dilutions and RT-QuIC analysis was performed with hamster (90–231) rPrPC substrate using 10−4 through 10−7 tissue dilutions as seeds. For simplicity, only the 10−6 dilutions are shown here. See Table 3 for summary of all results. Each trace represents the average normalized ThT fluorescence of 4 replicate wells.

Fig 6