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Chromobacterium Csp_P Reduces Malaria and Dengue Infection in Vector Mosquitoes and Has Entomopathogenic and In Vitro Anti-pathogen Activities

Figure 6

Csp_P has anti-bacterial activity against many species commonly found in the midguts of Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes.

Csp_P was streaked on LB agar along with multiple bacterial species, and plates were observed for formation of zones of inhibition around Csp_P. Ps.sp = Presudomonas sp., Pr.sp = Proteus sp., C.sp_P = Chromobacterium sp_P, C.v = C. violaceum, Pn.sp = Paenobacillus sp., Co.sp = Comamonas sp., Ac.sp = Acinetobacter sp., P.pu = Pseudomonas putida, E.sp = Enterobacter sp., Pa.sp = Pantoea sp., S.sp = Serratia sp., Ch.sp = Chryseobacterium sp. [3], [5], [7].

Figure 6