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Larger Mammalian Body Size Leads to Lower Retroviral Activity

Figure 1

(a) Correlation between mean age of all ERV integrations and body mass from the genomes of 38 mammals.

Body mass is log-transformed, and the mean ages are calculated correcting for the substitution rate (R2 = 0.68, P<0.001). (b, c, d) The relationship between ERV count and body mass for the number of ERV integrations acquired over the last 10 my, between 10–35 mya and >35 mya in the genomes of 38 mammals (both values log-transformed). The trend lines representing the slope for the regression, corrected for phylogenetic non-independence, and accompanying P-values are plotted. We have taken into account the effect of body size on substitution rate in calculating the ages.

Figure 1