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Coronaviruses Lacking Exoribonuclease Activity Are Susceptible to Lethal Mutagenesis: Evidence for Proofreading and Potential Therapeutics

Figure 5

5-FU-mediated U:C and A:G transitions are distributed across the CoV genome at low frequency.

(A) and (B) The genomic distribution of low frequency statistically significant U:C and A:G variants within the SARS-ExoN+ population following treatment with 0 or 400 µM 5-FU. (C) and (D) Same as in A and B except for the SARS-ExoN− population. For all panels, SARS-ExoN+ viruses are shown in blue, and SARS-ExoN− viruses are shown in green. U:C transitions are denoted by a diamond, whereas A:G transitions are plotted as circles.

Figure 5