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Coronaviruses Lacking Exoribonuclease Activity Are Susceptible to Lethal Mutagenesis: Evidence for Proofreading and Potential Therapeutics

Figure 4

Incorporation of FUMP results in increased U:C and A:G transitions.

All possible base changes are shown for SARS-ExoN+ and SARS-ExoN− viruses in panels (A) and (B), respectively. Transitions (A↔G and U↔C) are shaded in grey, and 5-FU specific transitions (U:C and A:G) are marked with an asterisk. Transversions (A↔T, A↔C, C↔G, G↔T) are shown in white boxes. All values represent the number of unique statistically significant minority variants following 5-FU treatment. (C) The percent of all unique statistically significant minority variants represented by transversions (filled dark grey bars), C:U and G:A transitions (filled light grey bars), and the 5-FU specific transitions A:G (hatched bars) and U:C (checkered bars) are shown following 0 or 400 µM 5-FU treatment. SARS-ExoN+ viruses are shown in blue, and SARS-ExoN− viruses are shown in green.

Figure 4