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24 Hours in the Life of HIV-1 in a T Cell Line

Figure 2

Clusters of host genes correlated with viral progression.

Temporal expression patterns of 7,991 genes modulated in concordance with key steps of viral replication (panel A) were grouped into 18 clusters with differential expression profiles at three phases of the viral life cycle, namely reverse transcription, integration, and late phase. The cluster code characters ‘+’ and ‘−’ mark significant (p<10−2) upregulation and downregulation, respectively, while ‘o’ indicates no significant deviation from zero. For example, the cluster ‘−+o’ contains 373 genes downregulated during reverse transcription, upregulated during integration, and unregulated during the late phase. In total, six upregulated clusters (B), four clusters with mixed patterns of regulation (C), and eight downregulated clusters (D) were found. Details of clusters are available at the dedicated web resource [6].

Figure 2