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SIVagm Infection in Wild African Green Monkeys from South Africa: Epidemiology, Natural History, and Evolutionary Considerations

Figure 4

Alignment of partial envelope protein sequences from multiple SIVagmVer isolates.

PCR-derived env nucleotide sequences were translated, aligned with previously reported SIVAGM env sequences [133] and compared with a consensus sequence generated by BioEdit. Dots denote sequence identity with the consensus sequence, while dashes represent gaps introduced to optimize the alignment. Triangles (∧) denote N-linked glycosylation sites. Bullets (•) mark CD4 binding sites. V3, V4 and V5 designate hypervariable SIVagm Env domains as previously described [10]. The envelope precursor cleavage site is indicated by an arrow above the consensus sequence. Strain nomenclature includes the identification number, monkey status (M-male, F-female; I-infant; J-juvenile and A-adult), and the site and the state of origin (FS-Free State; KZN-KwaZulu Natal; EC-Eastern Cape).

Figure 4