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The Single-Nucleotide Resolution Transcriptome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Grown in Body Temperature

Figure 7

Characterization of the LasR-regulated small RNAs Lrs1 and Lrs2.

(A) Growth (lines) and expression of the lrs1 or lrs2 reporter constructs (bars) in wild-type or ΔlasR P. aeruginosa PA14 are shown. (B) Role of Hfq in controlling the levels of Lrs1 and Lrs2 sRNAs. Gel shift analyses of sRNAs interaction with increasing amounts of purified Hfq are shown. Lane 5 in both panels contains, in addition to labeled probe, a 100-fold excess of unlabeled Lrs1 or Prrf1 RNA. (C) Lower panels show RT-PCR analyses of Lrs1 and Lrs2 expression in P. aeruginosa wild-type and Δhfq. Prrf1 and RsmZ were used as positive and negative controls, respectively, for sRNAs interacting and not interacting with Hfq.

Figure 7