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Large-Scale Gene Disruption in Magnaporthe oryzae Identifies MC69, a Secreted Protein Required for Infection by Monocot and Dicot Fungal Pathogens

Figure 6

MC69 is required for pathogenicity of other two different Japanese field isolates TH68-141 and Hoku1.

Conidial suspension of wild-type strain TH68-141 (TH68-141 WT), the three independent mc69 mutants (mc69-49, mc69-55 and mc69-66), wild-type strain Hoku1 (Hoku1 WT) and the two independent mc69 mutants (mc69-75 and mc69-82) were inoculated on barley (cv. Nigrate) leaves and incubated for 5 days.

Figure 6