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Structural and Functional Studies on the Interaction of GspC and GspD in the Type II Secretion System

Figure 6

Differential localization in V. cholerae of GFP-GspC in the presence of GspDI18R/N22Y.

Localization of chromosomally expressed GFP-GspC was examined in wild-type and gspD mutant backgrounds by fluorescence microscopy. GFP-GspC displayed a continuous membrane localization in the gfp-gspC gspD strain (second panel) compared to the wild-type background (first panel). Punctate fluorescence was restored when the gfp-gspC gspD- strain was complemented with GspD on a plasmid (third panel). Expression of GspDI18R/N22Y in the gfp-gspC gspD strain resulted in membrane localization similar the pMMB vector control (fourth panel).

Figure 6