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Population Genetic Analysis Infers Migration Pathways of Phytophthora ramorum in US Nurseries

Figure 2

Minimum spanning networks for West Coast NA1 populations.

A. California, B. Oregon, and C. Washington. For constructing the networks multilocus genotypes were collapsed to multilocus haplotypes, which are represented by circles, squares, or diamonds containing the number of associated isolates and sized in proportion to haplotype frequency. Blue circles and red squares represent the two different groups identified by Structure. Purple diamonds are haplotypes that could not be assigned to one group or the other with high confidence (>75% probability). Bolded haplotypes are those that were found in only that state (some haplotypes found only in Washington were seen in multiple years). Branches are proportional to Bruvo et al.'s [56] genetic distance and are labeled with distance if different than 0.10. Broken lines connect haplotypes that only differ by null alleles at one locus. Loops in the networks indicate multiple tied minimum spanning trees.

Figure 2