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Excellent Proposal

Posted by TreatTheBite on 03 Jan 2014 at 18:19 GMT

An excellent plan has been proposed by Liegner, Johnson and Stricker. The standard diagnostic and treatment methods, reporting practices and prevention recommendations have failed miserably over the past 30 years, resulting in an epidemic of monstrous proportions. The Lyme vaccine was doomed for failure from the start. Based on studies utilizing tests known to miss up to 75% of those with Lyme disease, it was pulled from the market once problems started surfacing. A new approach, with serious input encouraged from all stake holders, is clearly needed to prevent more people from developing chronic tick borne illnesses, living with mild to severe disabilities and losing their lives to undiagnosed, undertreated or untreated Lyme and tick borne diseases.

Competing interests declared: Volunteer Lyme patient advocate, educator and support group leader for the past 27 years.