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Correction: Does growth path influence beef lipid deposition and fatty acid composition?

  • Ana S. H. Costa,
  • Paulo Costa,
  • Susana P. Alves,
  • Cristina M. Alfaia,
  • José A. M. Prates,
  • Veronica Vleck,
  • Isabelle Cassar-Malek,
  • Jean-François Hocquette,
  • Rui J. B. Bessa
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In the Funding section, the individual fellowship number to A. S. C. is listed incorrectly. The correct fellowship number is: SFRH/BD/61068/2009.

There is an error in first sentence of the “Differential expression genes” section of the Results. The correct sentence is: “In a previous study, genes involved in cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix were down-regulated in skeletal muscle after nutritional restriction [7]. After a period of feed restriction followed by re-feeding, the main differential expression genes in Alentejana bulls were related to biological processes associated with lipid metabolism, nucleic acid metabolism, small molecule biochemistry, molecular transport and post-translational modifications (Table 3).”

There is an error in reference 1. The correct reference is: Hornick JL, Van Eenaeme C, Clinquart A, Diez M, Istasse L. Different periods of feed restriction before compensatory growth in Belgian Blue bulls: I. Animal performance, nitrogen balance meat characteristics, and fat composition. Journal of Animal Science. 1998; 76:249–59. pmid:9464906

In Table 2, the fourth column is mistakenly included. Please see the correct Table 2 here.

Table 2. Intramuscular fat (IMF, g/100g meat), total fatty acids (total FA, g/100g muscle) and fatty acid composition (% of total FA) of muscle in continuous growth (CG) and discontinuous growth (DG).


  1. 1. Costa ASH, Costa P, Alves SP, Alfaia CM, Prates JAM, Vleck V, et al. (2018) Does growth path influence beef lipid deposition and fatty acid composition? PLoS ONE 13(4): e0193875. pmid:29614102