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Correction: Mapping Seabird Sensitivity to Offshore Wind Farms

  • Gareth Bradbury,
  • Mark Trinder,
  • Bob Furness,
  • Alex N. Banks,
  • Richard W. G. Caldow,
  • Duncan Hume
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The Data Availability statement for this paper is incorrect. The correct statement is: The authors confirm that all data underlying the findings are fully available without restriction. For European Seabirds At Sea data, contact JNCC (; for aerial survey data, contact WWT ( SeaMaST is available from Natural England ( or from the Natural England GI Data Manager:


  1. 1. Bradbury G, Trinder M, Furness B, Banks AN, Caldow RWG, Hume D (2014) Mapping Seabird Sensitivity to Offshore Wind Farms. PLoS ONE 9(9): e106366. pmid:25210739