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Correction: Sandbox University: Estimating Influence of Institutional Action

  • Jonas Forsman,
  • Richard P. Mann,
  • Cedric Linder,
  • Maartje van den Bogaard
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A reference is omitted from the figure caption for Fig 2. Please see the complete, correct Fig 2 caption here.

The reference is: Forsman J, Van den Bogaard M, Linder C, Fraser D (accepted for publication 2014). Considering student retention as a complex system: a possible way forward for enhancing student retention. European Journal of Engineering Education.


  1. 1. Forsman J, Mann RP, Linder C, van den Bogaard M (2014) Sandbox University: Estimating Influence of Institutional Action. PLoS ONE 9(7): e103261. pmid:25054313