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PLOS ONE 2014 Reviewer Thank You

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PLOS and the PLOS ONE editorial team would like to express our tremendous gratitude to all those individuals who participated in the peer review process this past year at PLOS ONE. 2014 was an amazing year for PLOS ONE; during the year, over 80,000 reviewers from around the world and across disciplines provided their expert input that led to publication of over 30,000 articles.

The names of our 2014 PLOS ONE reviewers are listed in S1 Reviewer List. It’s a lengthy list rivaled only by the depth of our gratitude. Thank you to all our reviewers for generously sharing your time, insight and expertise with PLOS ONE authors in the evaluation of their work. Your efforts are a key reason PLOS ONE is a successful publication and continues to be a force for positive change in scientific and medical publishing.

Supporting Information

S1 Reviewer List. Alphabetical list of 2014 PLOS ONE reviewers.



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