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Correction: Endocardial Tip Cells in the Human Embryo - Facts and Hypotheses

  • The PLOS ONE Staff

Correction: Endocardial Tip Cells in the Human Embryo - Facts and Hypotheses

  • The PLOS ONE Staff

There is an error in affiliation 5 in the PDF version of the published article for author Mihnea I. Nicolescu. Affiliation 5 should be: Laboratory of Molecular Medicine, “Victor Babeş” National Institute of Pathology, Bucharest, Romania.

Reference 22 has been published. The full reference is: Diaz-Flores L, Gutierrez R, Garcia MP, Saez FJ, Diaz-Flores L Jr, et al. (2014) CD34+ stromal cells/fibroblasts/fibrocytes/telocytes as a tissue reserve and a principal source of mesenchymal cells. Location, morphology, function and role in pathology. Histol Histopathol 29: 831–870. pmid:24488810

Fig. 1 is incorrect. Please view the correct Fig. 1 here.

Fig 1. Human embryonic heart (43 days), CD 34, vimentin, CD105, desmin and CD31 immune labeling.

Immune labeling with CD34 (A) and vimentin (B) antibodies of a 43 days human embryonic heart, oblique-sagittal cut at ventricle level. Corresponding epicardial vascular canals are indicated (white arrrows and white arrowheads). The walls of these canals seem to acquire a CD34-positive phenotype and are vimentin-positive. In (A) an active intramyocardial process of sprouting angiogenesis is detailed (inset), being guided by tip cells (double-headed arrows). CD105 immunolabeling of the ventricular wall (C) identifies filopodia-guided processes (arrows) of endocardial sprouting. Desmin-positive reactions were exclusively found (D) in the dorsal wall of the venous sinus (arrows) and in the atrioventricular ring (arrowheads) (VS: venous sinus; RA: right atrium; RV: right ventricle; avc: atrioventricular cushion). CD31-positive endocardial (arrows) and vascular (arrowhead) endothelia were identified. α-SMA intense labeling of the venous sinus (VS) myocardium (arrow) but not of subepicardium (arrowhead).


  1. 1. Rusu MC, Poalelungi CV, Vrapciu AD, Nicolescu MI, Hostiuc S, Mogoanta L, et al. (2015) Endocardial Tip Cells in the Human Embryo - Facts and Hypotheses. PLoS ONE 10(1): e0115853. pmid:25617624