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Correction: Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Rhesus Macaques following Antibiotic Treatment of Disseminated Infection

  • Monica E. Embers,
  • Stephen W. Barthold,
  • Juan T. Borda,
  • Lisa Bowers,
  • Lara Doyle,
  • Emir Hodzic,
  • Mary B. Jacobs,
  • Nicole R. Hasenkampf,
  • Dale S. Martin,
  • Sukanya Narasimhan,
  • Kathrine M. Phillippi-Falkenstein,
  • Jeanette E. Purcell,
  • Marion S. Ratterree,
  • Mario T. Philipp
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In the Results section of the article, the first paragraph under the heading "Monitoring of infection status postmortem." had an error in its last sentence as a result of issues in the typesetting process. The correct sentence is available below. "With regard to culture of spirochetes, none of the treated animals yielded a positive culture and only one of the untreated animals was culture-positive (lung tissue)."