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Correction: ITS1 Copy Number Varies among Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Strains: Implications for qPCR Estimates of Infection Intensity from Field-Collected Amphibian Skin Swabs

  • Ana V. Longo,
  • David Rodriguez,
  • Domingos da Silva Leite,
  • Luís Felipe Toledo,
  • Cinthya Mendoza Almeralla,
  • Patricia A. Burrowes,
  • Kelly R. Zamudio
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The seventh author (KRZ) was not correctly indicated as the recipient of two grants from the National Science Foundation (DEB-0815315 and DEB-1120249). In addition, multiple sections were incorrectly omitted from the Supporting Information, and references used for this information were incorrectly omitted from the References List. A file containing the missing information and references can be found on the following page: