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Correction: Calcium Channel Blockers, More than Diuretics, Enhance Vascular Protective Effects of Angiotensin Receptor Blockers in Salt-Loaded Hypertensive Rats

  • Eiichiro Yamamoto,
  • Keiichiro Kataoka,
  • Yi-Fei Dong,
  • Nobutaka Koibuchi,
  • Kensuke Toyama,
  • Daisuke Sueta,
  • Tetsuji Katayama,
  • Osamu Yasuda,
  • Hisao Ogawa,
  • Shokei Kim-Mitsuyama
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Representative Western blot bands of tubulin in Figure 4 (A) and (B) were placed in wrong order during preparation of the artwork. Therefore, tubulin bands in Figure 4 (A) and (B) were placed in the correct order . The same membranes were consecutively reprobed with p-eNOS (Fig. 4 (A)), t-eNOS (Fig. 4 (B)), p-Akt (Fig. 4 (C)), t-Akt (Fig. 4 (D)), p-ERK (Fig. 5 (B)), t-ERK (Fig. 5 (B)), and tubulin. Therefore, Western blot bands of tubulin were the same among Figure 4 (A), (B), (C), and (D), and Figure 5 (B). There is no correction in Figure 4 (C) and (D), and Figure 5 (B). However, several Western blot bands were noncontiguous and spliced together but the lanes were run on the same gel at the same time. Therefore, a thin line was added in between the spliced lanes . Please view the corrected Figure 4 here:

Please view the modified Figure 5B here: