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Correction: Cardiorespiratory Fitness Is Associated with Hard and Light Intensity Physical Activity but Not Time Spent Sedentary in 10–14 Year Old Schoolchildren: The HAPPY Study

  • Sarah J. Denton,
  • Michael I. Trenell,
  • Thomas Plötz,
  • Louise A. Savory,
  • Daniel P. Bailey,
  • Catherine J. Kerr
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There were multiple errors in the Author Contributions statement. The Author Contributions statement should read: "Conceived and designed the experiments: SJD LAS DPB CJK. Performed the experiments: SJD LAS DPB CJK. Analyzed the data: SJD TP LAS DPB CJK. Wrote the paper: SJD MIT TP LAS DPB CJK."