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Fig 1.

Location maps.

(a) Eastern Mediterranean and the Israeli coast; (b) submerged Neolithic settlements off the Carmel coast (drawing J. McCarthy after Galili et al. 2019, modified after Natural Earth ( in the public domain).

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Fig 2.

(a) a scale plan of the Tel Hreiz site showing location of site finds and the boulder-built seawall: (1) rectangular structure (possible dwelling). (2) two parallel wall fragments. (3) curved structure. (4-5) round structures. (6-7) concentrations of wooden posts (no. 6 was 14C dated). (8) burial 1 (14C dated). (8) burial 2. (10) stone-built cist grave. (11) boulder-built sea wall. (12) hearth with wooden bowl (14C dated). (13) domestic cattle mandible (14C dated). Fig 2: (b) photograph of the ‘dogleg’ in the Tel Hreiz boulder-built wall looking south-east. Fig 2: (c) detail of the ‘dogleg’ (E. Galili and J. McCarthy).

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Fig 3.

Photographs of finds from the Tel Hreiz settlement.

(a-b) exposure of stone-built features in shallow water. (c) wooden posts dug into the seabed. (d) bifacial flint adze. (e) in situ stone bowl made of sandstone. (f) in situ basalt grounding stone (scale = 20cm); (g) burial 1. (h) suspected stone-built cist grave - view from the east (scale = 20cm). (i) in situ antler of Mesopotamian fallow deer, Dama dama mesopotamica. (All photographs by E. Galili with the exception of Fig 3G by V. Eshed).

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Table 1.

Radiocarbon determinations from the Tel Hreiz late Pottery Neolithic settlement.

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Fig 4.

(a) isometric modelling of the Tel Hreiz seawall based on an aerial photograph of the site and its hinterland (b) schematic cross section of the site today, and (c) during the Pottery Neolithic period (J. McCarthy, E. Galili, and J. Benjamin).

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Fig 5.

A curve depicting the sea-level changes in the Carmel coast. (J. McCarthy and E. Galili).

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