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Figure 1.

PRISMA flow diagram for the intussusception literature review.

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Table 1.

List of all included studies.

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Figure 2.

Global map of intussusception incidence.

In countries where local, regional, and national studies were conducted, we preferentially mapped the national rates. For countries with more than one national study, average rates of the studies were used for the map. If no national rates were available, regional and/or local rates were used for the map.

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Table 2.

Intussusception incidence among children <1 year of age by region.

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Figure 3.

Incidence of intussusception by month of life during first year of life.

Intussusception incidence or number of cases by month of life from 22 studies extrapolated to remaining 13 studies that only presented data on rates for infants <1 year (as displayed in Table 2).

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Figure 4.

Seasonality of intussusception globally.

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Figure 5.

Seasonality of intussusception, by WHO region.

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Figure 6.

Diagnosis of intussusception by WHO region.

Studies where diagnosis was unspecified were not included. Data from Central and South America were from one prospective research study that might not reflect clinical practice under routine conditions.

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Figure 7.

Treatment of intussusception by WHO region.

Studies where treatment was unspecified were not included.

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Table 3.

Case-fatality among children hospitalized with intussusception.

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