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Figure 1.

CONSORT flowchart.

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Table 1.

Characteristics of the participants in Brain Age and Tetris group.

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Figure 2.

Cognitive function scores at before and after training in both groups.

The group comparison (two sample t-tests) of the pre training scores demonstrated that there were no significant differences in any measures of cognitive functions between the brain training group and the Tetris training group (p>0.10). Error bars indicate SEM across subjects in each subject group. (A) The Executive functions were measured by frontal assessment battery at bedside (FAB) and trail making test type B (TMT-B). (B) The processing speeds were measured by symbol search (SS) and digit symbol coding (CD). (C) (D) The general cognitive function was measured by mini-mental state examination (MMSE). The attention was measured by digit cancellation task (D-CAT), digit span forward (DS-F) and digit span backward (DS-B).

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Table 2.

First and last game scores in both Brain Age and Tetris training groups.

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Table 3.

The score of change in cognitive functions measures of both groups.

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