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First evidence of a monodominant (Englerodendron, Amherstieae, Detarioideae, Leguminosae) tropical moist forest from the early Miocene (21.73 Ma) of Ethiopia

Fig 2

Fossil and extant Englerodendron lamina continued.

A. Englerodendron mulugetanum sp. nov leaflet with a terete, pulvinate petiolule and secondary venation detail. MU29-40B #1. B. Leaflet of Englerodendron vignei. MNHN-P-P01037798. Scale bar– 10 mm. C. Englerodendron mulugetanum sp. nov. leaflet with detail of secondary, tertiary, and quaternary venation. MU29-41 #4. D. Leaflet of Englerodendron korupense. ISOTYPE–MNHN-P-P00634905. Scale bar– 10 mm.

Fig 2