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A simple surgical mask modification to pass N95 respirator-equivalent fit testing standards during the COVID-19 pandemic

Fig 1

Demonstration of the assembly of the modified mask.

Photographs of the simple modification demonstrating an individual properly donning the modified mask. (A) Modified mask components consist of a standard ASTM Level 1 surgical mask and two 8” rubber bands. (B) While wearing an ASTM Level 1 surgical mask which has been adjusted to fit along the bridge of the nose, apply one 8” rubber band along the crown of the head and place the front of the rubber band under the nose. (C) Take another 8” rubber band and apply it perpendicularly under the first rubber band so that two loops are formed above and below the first rubber band. (D) Shift the first rubber band so that it is over the bridge of the nose and fold the second rubber band in half on itself along the first rubber band on the horizontal axis. € Place the second rubber band along the cheeks and under the chin. Adjust both rubber bands as needed to achieve a full seal as shown in this anterior view of the final construct. (F) Lateral view of the final construct.

Fig 1