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Host-symbiont stress response to lack-of-sulfide in the giant ciliate mutualism

Fig 3

Symbiont response to sulfide starvation applying FISH.

Symbionts (asterisk), other epibiotic microbes (arrow), and intracellular microbes in D confined to small areas most likely food vacuoles, in H filling the entire host cell most likely infection (double arrow); (A, E, I) DAPI staining (blue), (B, F, J) symbiont-specific probe (green); (C, G, K) EUBmix and Archaea probes (red); (D, H, L) composite of DAPI, symbiont-specific and EUBmix/Archaea probes. A-D and I-L from live colony after 48 h, E-H from dead colony after 48 h.

Fig 3