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Prediction modelling studies for medical usage rates in mass gatherings: A systematic review

Fig 2

Biomedical and environmental variables from multivariable regression analyses predicting the Patient Presentation Rate (PPR).

The thickness of the box represents the number of multivariable models including the following predictors: level of competition (n = 2); demographics (n = 1, age, gender); crowd size (n = 4); accommodation (n = 4, mobile vs seated, bounded vs unbounded, outdoor vs indoor, type of venue access, maximum venue capacity); weather conditions (n = 8, humidity, temperature, dew point, presence of air conditioning, % sunshine, wind speed, precipitation); free water availability (n = 1); time of the event (n = 3; day vs night, day of the week); type of the event (n = 8, music events, sport events).

Fig 2