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Preclinical evaluation of AT-527, a novel guanosine nucleotide prodrug with potent, pan-genotypic activity against hepatitis C virus

Fig 5

Intracellular concentrations of AT-511 and its phosphorylated metabolites in liver cells.

(A) mixed gender human hepatocytes, (B) male rat hepatocytes, (C) male mouse hepatocytes, (D) male dog hepatocytes, (E) male cynomolgus monkey hepatocytes and (F) Huh-7 cells. Cells were incubated for 24 h with 10 μM AT-511 in triplicate, collected, lysed and the lysates measured for concentrations of AT-511, AT-9010, M2 and M3 by LC-MS/MS. Data are expressed as mean ± SD.

Fig 5