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Evolution of high tooth replacement rates in theropod dinosaurs

Fig 1

Craniofacial and dental histology of the theropod dinosaurs included in this study.

(A) Allosaurus (BYU 8901), (B) Ceratosaurus (BYU 12893) and (C) Majungasaurus (FMNH PR 2278) surface reconstructions derived from computed tomography data and dentine histology. Scale bars below each cranial element(s) equal 10 cm. Histological sections derived from (D) Majungasaurus (MAD 07757), (E) Ceratosaurus (MWC 1), and (F) Allosaurus (BYU 2028), illustrating incremental daily lines (von Ebner) in dentine, which extend obliquely from upper left to lower right in each image. Scale bar of 100 μm applies to (D–F).

Fig 1