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Epstein-Barr virus genome packaging factors accumulate in BMRF1-cores within viral replication compartments

Fig 4

Hypothetical model of viral genome and capsid maturation.

(A) Viral DNA is synthesized outside the BMRF1-core, and then transported to a DNA storage site within the BMRF1-core. (B) Procapsids (composed of capsid structural proteins, including BVRF2, BDLF1, BORF1, and BBRF1) are assembled outside the DNA storage site, which is independent of the BMRF1-core. (C) Assembled procapsids are transported inside to the DNA storage site within the BMRF1-core. (D) Cleaved unit-length viral DNA is packaged into procapsids to form mature capsids in the innermost part of the BMRF1-core. The small capsid protein BFRF3, and the DNA packaging factors BVRF1, BGLF1, and BFRF1 are involved in this process.

Fig 4