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Epstein-Barr virus genome packaging factors accumulate in BMRF1-cores within viral replication compartments

Fig 3

Correlative fluorescence microscopy-electron microscopy (FM-EM) and EM images of viral replication compartments.

(A) Tet-BZLF1/B95-8 cells treated with doxycycline to induce the lytic cycle were fixed and stained with DAPI (blue), anti-BMRF1 (Green), and anti-BALF2 (red) antibodies. (B) The same cell in (A) was visualized using the correlative FM-EM technique (left panel). Right panel is a merged image with BMRF1 staining in (A). (C) B95-8 cells were lytically induced for 24 h and processed as described. The sample was observed by EM. The boxed area in the left panel is shown at higher magnification in the right panel. Mature viral nucleocapsids are located at the innermost part of the putative replication compartment.

Fig 3