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The extraordinary osteology and functional morphology of the limbs in Palorchestidae, a family of strange extinct marsupial giants

Fig 35

Labelled illustration of the articulated Palorchestes parvus left pes AM F58870 in dorsal view.

Hatching indicates surface damage to cortical bone. Abbreviations: ect, ectocuneiform; ent, entocuneiform; Ip4-5, intermediate phalanges 4–5; mes?, possible mesocuneiform; Mt2-5, metatarsals 2–5; nav, navicular; Pp2-4, proximal phalanges 2–4; Pp5?, possible proximal phalanx 5; Up3-5, ungual phalanges 3–5. Scale bar 50 mm.

Fig 35