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The extraordinary osteology and functional morphology of the limbs in Palorchestidae, a family of strange extinct marsupial giants

Fig 33

Labelled illustrations of the Palorchestes parvus right tibia NMV P159792.

(A) Anterior; (B) lateral; (C) posterior; (D) medial; (E) proximal views. Hatching indicates surface damage to cortical bone, dashed lines indicate inferred bone contours. Abbreviations: af, astragalar facet; ff, fibular facet; gr, insertion of m. gracilis; ie, intercondylar eminence; lc, lateral condylar surface; mc, medial condylar surface; mm, medial malleolus; pf, popliteal fossa; ptm, posterior tubercle of medial malleolus; st, insertion of m. semitendinosus; iol, interosseus line; tc, tibial crest; tt, tibial tuberosity. Scale bar 50 mm.

Fig 33