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The extraordinary osteology and functional morphology of the limbs in Palorchestidae, a family of strange extinct marsupial giants

Fig 12

Labelled illustrations of the Palorchestes azael os coxae.

(A) right side os coxa, lateral view; (B) right side os coxa, dorsal view; (C) right side os coxa, medial view; (D) reconstructed pelvic girdle, superoventral view (this view not to scale). Hatching indicates surface damage to cortical bone, dashed lines indicate inferred bone contours. Abbreviations: acf, acetabular fossa; acn, acetabular notch; aiis, anterior inferior iliac spine; aur, auricular surface; epi, facet for articulation with epipubic bone; glf, gluteal fossa; gsn, greater sciatic notch; ilb, iliac blade; ilc, iliac crest; ilf, iliacus fossa; ilpr, iliopubic ramus; ipe, iliopectineal eminence; isb, ischial body; ispr, ischiopubic ramus; ist, ischial tuberosity; obf, obturator foramen; psy, pubic symphysis. Scale bar 50 mm.

Fig 12