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Insights into estuary habitat loss in the western United States using a new method for mapping maximum extent of tidal wetlands

Fig 7

Summary of estuaries in the Salish Sea/WA coast ecoregion of the Pacific Coast (Washington, Oregon and California).

Map in upper left panel (A) shows the number and extents of estuaries by physiographic type. Upper right panel (B) shows the extent percent representation of each estuary type as calculated by the number of each type (Quantity) and by areal coverage (Size), while the middle right panel (C) illustrates the cumulative distribution function of the number of estuaries as a function of their size in hectares (ha). The map in the lower panel (D) illustrates an example estuary from each the ecoregion including spatial extent of historical footprint based on 50% exceedance contour (“EBEEM”) and area of current tidal wetlands based on National Wetland Inventory classes (“NWI”), data used to calculate habitat loss. Note: Unvegetated and aquatic bed areas shown in blue are within the EBEEM Historical extent, but were excluded from the wetlands loss analysis.

Fig 7