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Genetic analysis of African lions (Panthera leo) in Zambia support movement across anthropogenic and geographical barriers

Fig 2

Radiated maximum likelihood tree with branch support.

Clades are colored by region. Haplotypes in bold are found in Zambia. Map insert is from Curry et al. 2015 showing locations of lions sampled. Circles indicate geographic locations for populations determined by Antunes et al [15]. UGA (Uganda); KEN (Kenya); SER (Serengeti National Park, Tanzania); NGC (Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania); KRU (Kruger National Park, South Africa); BOT-I (Southern Botswana and Kalahari, South Africa); BOT-II (Northern Botswana); NAM (Namibia); GIR (Gir Forest, India); ANG (Angola); ZBW (Zimbabwe); and MOR (Morocco). ZAM (Zambia) is denoted by a square.

Fig 2