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Zooplankters’ nightmare: The fast and efficient catching basket of larval phantom midges (Diptera: Chaoborus)

Fig 1

Overview of Chaoborus obscuripes larval head morphology.

left: microscopic image, right: micro-CT based reconstruction. ant = antenna basis; ase = antenna’s setae; cey = compound eye; lab = labral setae; mabe = musculus abductor epipharyngis; mabm = musculus abductor mandibulae; made = musculus adductor epipharyngis; madm = musculus adductor mandibulae; maf = mandibular fan; man = mandible; max = maxilla; mra = musculus retractor antennae; pre = prelabral appendages; rhi = rhinopharynx; ros = rostrum. Scale bar = 500 μm.

Fig 1