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Dissolved organic carbon in glaciers of the southeastern Tibetan Plateau: Insights into concentrations and possible sources

Fig 1

(a) Location of the study area and (b) the distributions of studied glaciers in the southeastern Tibetan Plateau. (Red dots in (a) represent the glaciers referenced in the main text. TS: Urumqi Glacier No. 1 in Tienshan; LHG: Laohugou No.12 glacier in Qilian Mountains; QY: Qiyi glacier in Qilian Mountains; XDKMD: Xiaodongkemadi glacier in the Tanggula Mountains, central Tibetan Plateau; ZD: Zhadang glacier in the Mt. Nyainqengtanlha; JMYZ: Jiemayangzong glacier in the Himalayas; Yulong; Yulong snow mountain in the southeastern Tibetan Plateau).

Fig 1