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Chronic oral application of a periodontal pathogen results in brain inflammation, neurodegeneration and amyloid beta production in wild type mice

Fig 7

Gene expression for APP, BACE1, PSEN1 and ADAM10 determined by RT-qPCR.

Gene expression was significantly higher in experimental mice compared with control mice for APP (A) (p<0.05) and BACE1 (B) (p<0.001). There was no statistically significant difference in PSEN1 (C) expression between groups (p = 0.07). Gene expression for ADAM10 was significantly lower in the experimental compared with control group (D) (p<0.01). RNA was isolated from paraffin embedded sections and relative gene expression determined by qPCR. The results were normalized to β-actin gene expression. Y-axis: Relative gene expression, X-axis: C for control group, E for experimental group. N = 10 for control, N = 9 for experimental mice.

Fig 7