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Characterization of diverse homoserine lactone synthases in Escherichia coli

Fig 4

Induction of the LuxR receiver with HSL-enriched media from Senders.

(A) The cartoon illustrates the experimental approach for Receiver inductions. Sender (S) culture medium is separated from pelleted Sender cells, filtered, and diluted (see Table 1), and used to induce Receiver cells. (B) GFP/OD600 of Sender-media-treated LuxR receiver cells. “Control-EGFP” bacteria carry a plasmid that constitutively expresses EGFP from a pLac promoter. EGFP and optical density (OD600) are measured every 10 minutes for 240 minutes (4 hours). Graphs show means of triplicate wells (bars, standard deviation). (C) The heat map shows GFP/ OD600 values after 240 min of induction, normalized to the GFP/ OD600 value for Control-EGFP.

Fig 4