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Correlation of tryptophan metabolites with connectivity of extended central reward network in healthy subjects

Fig 2

Tripartite association network.

Fig 2 displays the tripartite association network between indole metabolites, clinical and behavioral measures, and functional and anatomical connectivity of the amygdala-NAcc circuit and the amygdala-aINS circuit. All significant (p < .05) associations are included in this visualization. Functional brain connectivity of regions of interest is presented with the region of interest noted in a larger font, with the connectivity measure and lateralization indicated below in the form X_Y, where X indicates a connectivity measure (B, Betweenness centrality; S, Degree strength) and Y indicates lateralization (L, Left; R, Right). Abbreviations: aINS, anterior insula; ALSHorp, horizontal ramus of the anterior segment of the lateral sulcus (aINS); ALSVerp, vertical ramus of the anterior segment of the lateral sulcus (aINS); Amg, amygdala; ANX, Hospital anxiety and depression (HAD) scale anxiety score; BMI, Body mass index; IAA, Indoleacetic acid; NAcc, nucleus accumbens; ShoInG, short insular gyrus (aINS); YFAS, Yale food addiction scale score.

Fig 2