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Oral edible plant vaccine containing hypoallergen of American cockroach major allergen Per a 2 prevents roach-allergic asthma in a murine model

Fig 1

Prophylactic scheme of Per a 2-transfected plant oral feeding on rPer a 2-sensitized mice.

To assess the effect of prophylactic plant vaccine, mice received a total of 21 days intragastrical administration of plant extracts containing 1 μg of Per a 2–996 or -372, or controls. One week after the final feeding, mice received intraperitoneal (IP) sensitization four times with 2 μg of E.coli-expressed recombinant Per a 2 weekly. One week after the final sensitization, mice received intranasal (IN) challenge with rPer a 2 on three consecutive days. Then, airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) was performed on day 62 and all mice were sacrificed on day 63.

Fig 1