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An integrated analysis of membrane remodeling during porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus replication and assembly

Fig 6

ET Reveals the RVN of interconnected ER-derived DMVs.

Marc-145 cells were infected with PRRSV at an MOI of 1, fixed at 24 h.p.i, and processed for ET as mentioned in the Materials and Methods. (A) Left: slice of a dual-axis tomogram presenting the various membrane changes; right, 3D structure of the integrated tomogram. ER membranes and vesicles interconnected with ER lumens are described in light green; PRRSV-induced vesicles are depicted in light yellow. Scale bars, 100 nm (B) Left: slice of a dual-axis tomogram showing that a DMV is linked to the ER lumen; middle and right: this tomogram and the 3D membrane rendering of the DMVs structure are shown. These tomograms are shown in S1 Movie and S2 Movie. Scale bars, 50nm.

Fig 6